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Proven Arms & Outfitters Retail and Web sales - gear - weapons

Proven Arms & Outfitters is running a pretty sweet Labor Day Sale. It’s 20% off all the things storewide, in the brick and mortar stores and online. If you’re shopping online, use coupon code LD2018. If you’re wanting to go finger the goods first, hit one of their physical locations — they’ll be open regular hours on Labor Day.

Proven Arms & Outfitters is having a Labor Day sale, both online and in their brick & mortar stores.

Lots of other stuff going on, too. Check it out.

Geissele Triggers - Super Semi Automatic (SSA) Trigger at Proven Arms & Outfitters.

Need some RADIAN goodness for your AR15 build?

Raptor-LT Ambidextrous Charging Handle for M16 or AR15 at Proven Arms & Outfitters.

The best places to shop for tactical gear and buy military equipment online.

But wait, there’s more. For packing in, packing out, and staying hydrated – Source Tactical.

Source Tactical Hydration - Assault 20L Hydration Cargo Pack

PMAGs and Maglula Loader on special at Proven Arms & Outfitters.

Here’s the Proven Arms & Outfitters store locator, if ya need it and wanna go walking in.

Proven Arms and Outfitters - find their physical, brick & mortar stores in Tacoma, WA and Woodbridge, VA.

PMAGs are on sale at Proven Arms & Outfitters.

Time to go shopping.

Hit up Proven Arms & Outfitters online, or at their brick & mortar locations in Tacoma, WA, and Quantico, VA.

Remember – even if stuff isn’t on sale, you can use BBC10 to save money every damn day. 

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