Now Shipping: Propper 4PV Concealable Vest

We like Propper International around here. We should, cause they help pay the bills. We just got word they’re now shipping the Propper 4PV Concealable Vest. No, we’re not talking an IDPA shoot-me-first vest, but one that actually helps protect your vitals.

Here’s what we heard:

First announced at SHOT Show 2016, Propper is now shipping its new 4PV Concealable Vest. The 4PV (Four Panel Vest) is the latest innovation in armored protection. Four independent panels articulate to provide unparalleled mobility and protection. This easy-to-size platform provides a fully modular, highly adaptable and comfortable system that users want to wear.

Image courtesy of Propper
Image courtesy of Propper

Ill-fitting armor can be a hazard, as it forces the user to adjust shooting position and can make pursuing a suspect and other tactical situations awkward and dangerously different from training. Throw on uncomfortable, bulky armor and changes to shooting position and other tactics have to happen when training needs to kick in automatically. That’s why the 4PV line of armor features custom adjustable four-panel construction that offers superior protection and comfort not found in the typical two-panel vest.

“The four-panel ‘chassis’ design virtually eliminates the ride-up effect when officers are seated and creates better mobility while performing their critical missions,” explained Skip Church, Vice President of Armored Products. “Protection is paramount, and this design offers increased side area coverage, eliminating gaps.”

Most days on the job aren’t spent only sitting or standing. They include a whole host of other duty-related maneuvers, such as climbing fences, giving chase or squatting down to help someone in need of aid. A vest should move with the user and not get in the way. Not only is ill-fitting armor uncomfortable, it can also expose vulnerabilities as the protective panels are no longer lined up correctly. So each 4PV armor system is designed to be fully adjustable for comfort and proper fit, providing the maximum protection no matter the user’s size or activity.

That’s why there is 4PV armor to fit any need:

  • 4PV: Concealed and comfortable
  • 4PV-FEM: Fit to the female form
  • 4PV-TAC: Tactical and tough
  • 4PV-U: Professional and protected

All 4PV styles can accommodate a wide range of NIJ-rated ballistic protection to fit the job if called upon.

“The 4PV is a leap forward in officer protection,” according to Church. “It was created to eliminate issues that have plagued the outdated two-panel design for years.”

Image courtesy of Propper
Image courtesy of Propper

From concealable armor for everyday uniform wear to outside armor to fit a departmental look or tactical protection for high-risk operations, the 4PV line has everything needed to maximize comfort and protection.

If you would like to check Propper out for yourself, click right here. You can find the on Facebook here, You Tube here, and Twitter here.

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