Career Advice: the Noble Profession of Arms

The Profession of Arms is a noble one, though there seem to be fewer pursuing it every year. This is not just the military, though that’s the most obvious one. It’s peace officers and other careers as well. Our team has written a number of articles addressing the Noble Profession of Arms and related matters over the years. You’ll find links to some of them below. 





Career Advice? For the Profession of Arms?

That is correct. Any vocation with responsibilities that involved the taking of life or someone’s freedom is a damned serious one. One should undertake them with solemn, informed sincerity. There are many wearing a uniform or badge who shouldn’t be, and others who should, but are not sure how. Maybe one of these disquisitions will help you; we certainly hope so. And if you have additional perspective or experience worth sharing, we hope you’ll weigh in – there is a comments section for a reason! 


Now, be certain, be honorable, and be dangerous.



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