Plate Carrier Backpack: an armored holdall

This is the PCB (Plate Carrier Backpack) from Devcore. There’s more to it than what you’re used to seeing in an armored backpack like those with soft armor panels sewn in. And while it certainly qualifies as a concealed carry backpack, that’s actually an overqualification — unless you know of another pack that allows you to “draw” a long gun out for the emergency application of social work?

That’s not a rhetorical question. If you do, let us know, we want to check it out.

PCB (Plate Carrier Backpack) from Devore: deployment
In just a few seconds you can have a full plate carrier over your head and a long gun in hand. That probably makes this more worthy of the “tactical backpack” appellation than a great many others out there. Though there’s no doubt it’s also quite tacticool! 

Lowpro “Tactical Backpack” (the PCB)

According to their release, Devcore describes the PCB as a “…rapidly deployable, fully modular plate carrier concealed within a sturdy, well-designed, but innocuous backpack.

“In short,” they say, “it’s legitimately lowpro.”

They continue:

In addition to housing a front and back hard-armor plate carrier, the BCB is perfectly capable of concealing SBRs, PDWs, AR15 pistols and the like and allowing their deployment on demand. This isn’t an SBR bag used to stow a weapon for transit. This pack maintains the weapons in a ready status so they can be produced and presented quickly at need.

Lowpro is good, for a number of reasons and practical applications. While there are many good packs out there, and as many different kinds of holdall as people to use and companies to make ’em, but this seems worth a second look. In fact, this might just be the best EDC backpack or even aircraft carry on luggage idea we’ve seen yet. It would make an excellent active shooter response kit too, of course, but we’re actually more interested in how this would apply to some of our daily activities (particularly travel).

PC concealed carry backpack deployment (Plate Carrier Backpack)The PCB's plate carrier pulls up and over your head. (Plate Carrier Backpack)An EDC backpack with armor (Plate Carrier Backpack)


The only thing that might make this any cooler would be to go full Rocketeer with it.

Rocketeer flying

Though most people probably go straight to the typical, this is perfect for covert opts and tactical tacticalness! thought process — and fair enough, ‘cuz it is — we think there are many everyday/everyman applications. A professor or teacher could use it to transport papers and lesson plans back and forth. Throw some road flares, maps, lensatic compass, and the like inside and use keep it in your vehicle. Maybe add some Yaktrax and a small woobie in a compression sack too (it’s that time of year).

And hey, with this thing you won’t have to fight the body armor funk.

Concealed Carry Backpack (sorta)

About the Devcore Plate Carrier Backpack:

As you can see, the wearer can go from backpack to armed up and pistol ready in just a couple of seconds. Readying a long gun requires less than another couple of seconds. This makes it a superb option for lowpro and low visibility work in semi- or non-permissive environments. It would also serve well in those situations where it’s better to remain low key and prepared vs. “jocked up” and ready. Such operations might include surveillance, hiding “in plain sight” in a crowd during high profile events, pre-positioned support elements of PSD personnel, and similar mission sets.

The pack would also obviously be an excellent way to keep active shooter response kit on standby or as the primary holdall for bail-out bags, bug-out bags, and get-home kits.

DEVCORE will not ship ballistic armor OCONUS.

Current inserts include:


  • Rapid deployment armor system is interchangeable for armored protection with either soft IIIA armor or hard armor plates
  • Front and back armor is concealed within hidden backpack compartment until it’s deployed
  • Bottom concealed compartment has a quick release pull handle for rapid deployment of various inserts such as the DEVCORE Medic Kit, DEVCORE Utility Kit and other custom inserts coming soon.
  • Full zipper front main compartment with interior Velcro panel to secure various pouches and accessories for storage and transport
  • Front zippered slash pocket to stow personal items such wallet, phone and other smaller items
  • Padded exterior back panel for comfort fit
  • Padded low profile adjustable shoulder straps
  • Slim comfort adjustable waist belt with exterior lined Velcro to secure deployed front armor carrier to front torso
  • Adjustable quick-release chest strap to stabilize backpack when in use
  • Hidden document compartment accessed behind waist belt connections on back exterior panel


  • Backpack built from 1000D Ballistic Nylon
  • YKK zippers throughout
  • Large Velcro panels
  • Breathable mesh padding
  • Main Backpack Dimensions: 20 in. L x 13.5 in. W x 7 in. D
  • Middle Concealed Compartment Dimensions: 1 in. L x 12 in. W x 2 in. D
  • Back Armor Insert Pocket: 14.75 in. L x 11 in. W x .75in. D
  • Weight, backpack only with empty carrier: 7 lbs.
  • Weight with front & back level IIIA Soft Armor Panels: 10 lbs.
  • Weight with front & back Hard Armor Panels: 13 lbs.
  • Proudly made in the USA

Buy a Plate Carrier EDC Pack

Buy it if you want. We haven’t gone hands-on with it, we’re just passing the information along.

Pre-order at MSRP is $599 but there are some discount codes available.

• 20% off if you sign up for their email list

• 25% or 30% off if you are a Breach-Bang-Clear supporter on Patreon.

Or you can save our money ’til these are commercially available. We won’t judge you for it. We want one too.

Rocket backpack in use

DEVCORE is a part of the Tactical Buyers Club.


2 thoughts on “Plate Carrier Backpack: an armored holdall

  • November 5, 2019 at 12:18 pm

    I couldn’t see on their webpage for it – how would one access the backpack (for reloads given their suggested config) while retaining protection on the front? It doesn’t look like the rear detaches at all…
    If that’s the case, retaining a rifle won’t help unless a buddy can hand you reloads. I’d imagine you’d be better off filling the accessory case with reloads and a shoulder brace for your pistol or medical gear.


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