Public Service Announcement: BOOBS [NNSFW]

This is important stuff fellas. Pay attention. There is a reason she is wearing what she’s wearing.

Though it seems like it might be a little uncomfortable if she were to take off running.

It's very distracting to watch a busty girl adjust her bra - and harder still not to stare at her bouncing boobs.

Jesscia Nigiri - bouncing her boobs off other boobs. Jessica Nigiri's boobs are compelling.

Proper bra selection is important - as is paying attention to her boobs bouncing while she adjusts her bra.

Girls spend a lot of time and money on pretty bras - go ahead and look at those bouncing boobs.

Leanna Decker - bouncing boobs and squeezing boobs together.

Girls wearing tight jeans run the risk of blacking their eye if they have big bouncing boobs - though of course, it depends on how hard they are to put on.

Mad Duo, Breach-Bang-CLEAR!