Cloud Defensive OWL SHOT Show 2018

SHOTREP | Cloud Defensive OWL SHOT Show 2018

Fifty Shades of FDE

I finally got my hands on the Cloud Defensive OWL. I found Sean McCauley on the floor and got a close look on the OWL prototype.

Some new things I learned from talking to Sean today: what you’re seeing is a prototype, and the production model will have many aesthetic changes including it being skeletonized, plus many other cuts to lighten it. It’ll have a much lower profile and drastically improved looks.

There will be multiple heads available, making it modular with some optimized for throw or for spill. Battery placement will be omnidirectional. The head will be powered the entire time with a fractional amount of electricity, which will allow the user to program the head with adjustable outputs and modes. I know you’ll ask, but no, it won’t kill your batteries.

It is made 100% in the USA in their production facility.

Here’s their current production timeline: raw materials coming in May, assembly and prep for launch in June and shipping in July. They’re currently on presale at for $299.99. I’ve been told that color options won’t cost anything additional, which is always a plus!




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