"Old Warrior" O’Neal has a book coming out

CWO4 (Ret) Gary O’Neal, an Oglala Sioux, may be the textbook definition of American Warrior. Maybe American Warrior Stud. Four decades in the military (75TH Ranger Regiment and Special Forces), he served multiple tours in Vietnam with both line units and SOF elements (from 173RD Airborne to 5THSFG). He was one of the first men on one of DoD’s new Tier One units and spent 15 years in Central and South America working operationally with American and Latin American forces.

He’s a HALO/HAHO/tandem instructor, was a member of the Golden Knights, was NCOIC of the R&D Det of MFF (Military Free Fall) School and was instrumental in the foundation of the Advanced MFF course under Gen. Wayne Downing. He has over 2,000 logged freefalls. In his copious spare time he helped establish the US Army SERE (Survival, Escape, Resistance, Escape) School with Col. James Rowe.

He retired in 1996 and returned to Ft. Bragg from 2004 to 2007 as a master trainer at Robin Sage. A master of Muay Thai, Hwarang Do and other martial systems, he developed his own school (the American Warrior Free Fighting System), in which he holds a 10TH degree black belt.

Our friend “Mad” Max Mullen describes him thusly: “….Special Forces, Ranger, true American hero CWO-4 Gary O’Neal, Ranger Hall of Fame recipient, my friend, my brohter, my mentor. A one man walking killing machine wiht a smile…”

The point of all this? He’s got a book coming out soon. Stand by here for further information on where to buy it.


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