Ohio Tattoo Museum: be a Part of History

| April 2, 2015
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While this isn’t normally in our wheelhouse, many of our readers and minions have a considerable amount of ink. Combine that with the Army relaxing policies and it seemed appropriate. We like fine art just as much as we like Miami strippers. So when we heard about the Ohio Tattoo Museum and their cause, we knew it was something we could really get behind and support with more than just the tip. Mad Duo


The Ohio Tattoo Museum houses an extensive collection of tattoo history. Rich Thomas started the Ohio Tattoo Museum in the back of his shop.  With a new space and new goals, like employing college interns and providing themed shows to the public, the museum needs help to fund their growth.

Why should you care? Because knowledge is power. Museums like the Ohio Tattoo Museum help educate the public on what real body art is all about (and we don’t mean the that badass tribal tat you got on boot leave). Help put an end to chinese character tats, infinity wrist tats, butterflies that need to be freed, the tramp stamps (unless it says “insert here”, since that amuses us).

What can you do? Give some of your hard-earned American money to someone who will really appreciate it. No donation is too small and if you give more than $10, rewards will be given. Our favorite is the chance to get a tattoo from Rich Thomas of one of the featured pieces of art.  That would be like a part of history of history on you.

Ohio Tattoo Museum

When should you take action? Now. There are only four days left on their Kickstarter project, with $4,570 remaining of their $15,000 goal.

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If you are local to Columbus, Ohio, Long Street Collective is holding flash day (don’t bring your beads, bare bewbs weren’t advertised) on April 5th.  All proceeds will go to the Ohio Tattoo Museum fundraiser.


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