Mystery Ranch Now Offers Non-Medical Masks

Mystery Ranch, long known to be one of the premier makers of military and backpacking packs, has entered the non-medical face mask market with two different designs. They have created what they call the Traditional Mask, which is a style you might recognize, and the Street Mask, which is a more fitted mask.

Mystery Ranch Traditional Mask An Updated Mask For The Masses
The Mystery Ranch Traditional Mask is an updated face mask for the masses.

Traditional Face Mask

The Traditional Mask, as the name suggests, is your standard pleated and sewn non-medical mask. It’s designed to be laundered many times to keep it clean and virus free. The TPU headband is a behind-the-head and neck version with an adjustable cord lock on the back so your ears won’t be ruined. The design was adjusted with feedback from health practitioners. The mask has a few sneaky features like a sleeve to hold filter material outside of what the mask itself is made out of and an adjustable nose piece. These were originally designed to help local healthcare workers and they have already donated over 8500 to Montana hospitals.

The Mystery Ranch Street Mask looks like a really comfortable face mask option.
The Mystery Ranch Street Mask looks like a really comfortable face mask option.

Street Face Mask

With the experience gained from making the Traditional Mask for the past few weeks, Mystery Ranch has come up with a new mask called the Street Mask. The mask was envisioned as an all-day protection mask that offered a more tailored fit. As the company describes it, it is “more tailored to minimize contact with the lips and mouth to avoid chaffing and has a non-woven, tight-cell structured liner for better filtration”. It uses the same TPU headband as the Traditional Mask letting it hang around your neck when not in use. It also comes in two sizes and multiple colors.

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