Nightvision Redux – Upgrade Your NODs

Dead Bird Society
Dead Bird Society

Soldier Systems Daily is running a new series on upgrading NVGs, with the stated intention of instruction readers “…how a standard AN/PVS Night Vision Monocular can be upgraded to be not only lighter but more powerful and robust.” It started a couple weeks ago and is now on its third installment. The series has been prepared with the help of a subsidiary part of Photonis.

From Part One of Nightvision Redux:

“In the next few weeks the descriptives of modularity, scaling, multi-mission and near-to-user repair will be addressed to evaluate if the over 1,000,000 service PVS-14s can be improved and utilized in ways other systems have been over the last decade.”

Part Two launched into a discussion of component costs and how some inexpensive elements can be swapped out to improve overall performance without spending the money needed for an entirely new system.

As you can see, many components on the PVS-14 are relatively inexpensive, although critical to its performance. Selective replacement of components can result in increased performance for a fraction of the cost of a new system. In the image, you can clearly divide the components into electrical (typically serialized and complex) and non-electrical (less expensive and generally user adjustable).

Special Operations Care Fund

Part Three ran on Wednesday. It delivers an overview of the chassis and how a simple part can be exploited past its initial purpose to increase longevity and performance.

To many it may appear that the plastic chassis (above, left) is being bullied in examination, but the facts are what they are. This is the most inexpensive key component and it’s mission is binary; to hold all the other stuff together. It does. If it can do that (much like a rifle lower receiver does), let’s make it do more since is it a relatively simple part.

Watch for future installments of the series by checking SSD periodically or searching for the Photonis tag.

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