New PMC/PSC contractor show promises awesome

Christopher Mark Heben is a renowned square-jawed action guy who is deeply involved in a number of badass projects. One of them is going to be a sort of reality/documentary show about PMC/PSC operators. Not suprisingly, it looks like it will be action packed and high on testosterone-driven direct action type story lines. However, given the bias felt by so many against contractors – sadly by both civilians and some military personnel alike – Heben's introduction to the project and explanation of their motivation may be the best part of the project. Contractors are frequently vilified for being hired guns, if not coldly unethical mercenaries and in fairness in some cases that may indeed the case. BUT. Any of you who've spent any time around some of these armed professionals know that the 'trigger happy thug-for-hire' trope is the definite exception not the rule.


Heben's explanation of what he and other contractors do, and WHY, is absolutely brilliant. The die-hard anti-contractor assholes won't listen to it, but there's no way around that. There's no way to sway the incorrigible and close-minded, no matter how rational, accurate or passionate you are. Especially if they're fucktarded as well as incorrigible. For the rest, however, this show and its ideology may just resonate.

Plus it's gonna be fucking cool, we're not gonna lie. Kinda reminds us of the heady days when the Mad Duo was running around with TF Green and TF Knight..*sniff*


We'll be following the development of the show of course and will definitely keep you guys up to speed. In the meantime, do Heben a solid and 1) show this to all of your PMC/PSC operator friends, peers and drinking buddies and 2) grap a hippie by the hair and make him watch it. You'll be thanked for the former and will have a great time with the latter.

No, before you ask, Heben is not Hugh Jackman's studlier tattooed brother.

More on Heben:

An interview with him from last year:

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