New Options at Ares Gear – including "Crusader Cross" buckle

As of today all those special edition buckles (the ones with the bad ass stuff engraved on ’em) are going to be available on all belts at Ares Gear. That means you can get on the regular Aegis Belt, if you are so inclined, not just the Aegis Enhanced. Seen on ranges, in action and on at least 1 creepy dude stalking soccer mom MILFs in Pennsylvania, Aegis Buckles are bead blasted stainless steel and laser engraved with eerie, breathtaking precision by none other than the former manager of Nancy’s Squat ‘n’ Gobble.

That segues us neatly into their newest special edition buckle.

Grunts: segue.

The Crusader Cross. The Crusader Cross buckle, seen below, is the newest design offered. You can get yourself one here, and you probably should. They’re perfect to wear if you’re carrying a weapon (it’s virtually impossible to fold or bend  their belts) and in a pinch you can beat unruly mujahideen to death with it.

Ares Gear Crusader Cross Belt Buckle option

Here are a few of their past buckle options (we’ve got one we’ll show you soon ourselves):

Ares Gear Gadsden Belt Buckle option

Ares Gear Chickerator BBC 300x100
Joint Task Force Awesome

Ares Gear Spartan Belt Buckle option

Ares Gear Various Belt Buckle option

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