New guidance on OCP

Dammit they’re dropping the pen pockets on the coat. How in the hell are we going to fight a war now?

Another interesting aspect they point out is that they are still optimizing additional patterns for Arid and Temparate environments or as they call them “bookends”. Perhaps a re-coloration is in order or something completelhy different for these environments with the mere OCP tagline slapped on. This ties in with Phase IV of the Camouflage Improvement Effort, which otherwise seems to have been scrapped in terms of the four finalists who vied to have their family of patterns selected. The U.S. Army is not clear on how the Scorpion W2 pattern was further evaluated to develop what we now know as the new OCP other than a broad reaching “soldier feedback”.

Predator Intelligence is reporting more info on the OCP transition (old OCP to new OCP that is, because to many a First Sergeant’s chagrin both MultiCam and Scorpion are OCP). You can read the whole story here.

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