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| May 2, 2015
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Love dogs? Love gear? Of course, you do. Check out some of the stuff from RE Factor.


Odds are that if you enjoy reading our rants here at Breach-Bang-Clear, you probably also have a closet, wall locker or garage full of gear. It’s cool, we are all mostly Geardos ourselves. That’s why when we saw that RE Factor had released some new high-speed kit for our favorite pooches, we wanted to see what it was all about. If we love tactical nylon, what’s’ wrong with wanting some for our pups? 

 Checking out the K9 lineup of dog gear on RE Factor’s website, two items caught our eye.: a well thought out retention strap called the “Adjustable Tactical Dog Leash”, and a simple, cost-effective portable dog food bowl named the “K9 Chow Pouch”  

The Adjustable Tactical Dog Leash


As the name implies, this leash is easily adjustable for numerous different modes of use. We selected their deluxe version of the leash, which uses a safety rated Cobra buckle in place of a plastic buckle. This is a point of consideration, depending on what dog you intend on using the leash with. For smaller or less aggressive dogs you will be fine with the less expensive model with the plastic buckle. But if you plan on clipping onto a powerhouse like a Maligator,  German Shepherd or Pitbulldozer, you are probably wise to go for the stronger Cobra buckle.

The Cobra buckle is sewn onto a short length of webbing, down by the collar attachment snap hook. The snap hook has a built-in swivel, preventing your active dog from getting the setup twisted. The added advantage of the Cobra is the ability to release your dog under strain; if you need to let him loose quickly, simply engage the recessed release wings. The leash measures out to a little over six feet long when fully open. Opposite of the steel snap hook attachment point is a small 1” steel G-hook. It’s this hoot that sets the leash apart from anything you will find at a pet store. The double ply 1” webbing that the leash is constructed from has small loops sewn throughout its length. These loops serve as anchor points for the G-hook, which can be adjusted to 16 different positions. This effectively shortens the leash, as well as allows for you to “sling” your dog for hands-free use. Use the G-hook on the webbing’s first loop, and the leather grip provides a comfortable, traditional mode of retention. The cross body sling mode is actually more useful than previously expected and provides enough room for big dudes and guys wearing kit, such as military dog handlers and K9 officers wearing outer vests.


If you need to use your weapon with an angry dog raging to get their “bite on”, you will find the leash extremely useful. Offered in Carbon Grey (as our example), you can also buy one in Multicam, Tan, Ranger Green, or Kryptek Highlander. The leash has an additional leather handhold at the bottom of the leash, allowing you to choke up on the webbing and keep your dog close at heel. 


K9 Chow Pouch

This clever little nylon “bowl” weighs next to nothing and compresses down small. This allows you to bring it along everywhere that you take your dog, and always have chow at hand for your best friend. The Chow Pouch can be carried empty and filled with food when needed or alternatively, you can load it up with a scoop or two of dry food, and secure it with its built-in plastic buckle.


We found it to also be useful as a water bowl, capable of holding up to two liters of H2o for a thirsty pup. Be forewarned, this is not the intended purpose of the pouch, and water WILL leak out after a few minutes. But it is still good to know and use in this role when out in the field (if you need a portable water bowl, don’t worry, RE Factor makes one!). The Chow Pouch is available in Tan and Ranger Green and is a great option to keep your dog fed on the go. 


Both Products are manufactured in the good ole’ US of A and are well made, offering years of use as long as your pooch doesn’t gnaw them to death. You can check out these, and other K9-centric products at their website, as well as gear made for humans.


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  1. conner reed

    I want one send me a link on how to purchase

    One I have a retired k9 dog and live in country and love to go on long walks and I’m always having her tag along but we both don’t get nothing to eat or drink till march is done this would be helpful for summer


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