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Getting Banged – Never Again?

(At a Trademarked Industry Show)

David Reeder

Many of you reading this are aware that Breach-Bang-Clear has a tradition of banging people at SHOT. More than a few of you, particularly those of you who attended a large shooting, hunting, and outdoor related trade show last week in Las Vegas, Nevada, asked us why were weren’t banging people this year. After all, it was the tradition’s fifth year!

The answer is simple. They wouldn’t let us. We were advised that the words SHOT Show©®™♥  are the intellectual property of the NSSF (National Shooting Sports Foundation). They further advised us that we would not be able to pass out our BANGED patches because we’d be infringing on that intellectual property. If any new BANGED patches were seen, they said, we’d be expelled from the show.

That might sound like a dick move, particularly coming as it did just a couple of days before the show started, and maybe it is, kinda. We’re not even sure how we came to their attention. That said, and I want to make this abundantly clear — they were damn decent about it. The calls I had with NSSF marketing, and then their General Counsel, were nothing but pleasant, even apologetic. There was neither posturing nor bluster. They couldn’t have been nicer about it, and the fact is, however inopportune the timing for us, they were righteous. The SHOT Show©®™♥   is their property.

We didn’t mention our dilemma during the show for fear some people’s reaction might create unnecessary friction. We still needed to do something with the patches, however. We spent the money on ’em an had ’em in hand, why waste them? And how to change them up so we didn’t get in a jam for next year’s show?

Fast forward to the Brouhaha of Tuesday night at Hogs & Heifers. Our contact at the autism research place we wanted to support dropped completely off comms (and remains that way still). We shifted fire, pushing all proceeds to the LVMPD Honor Guard and holding fire on the autism support.

Now SHOT 2018 is behind us, we have almost 200 BANGED patches, and we still want to do something for autism.

So here’s the plan: as soon as we figure out the best way to do it, we’re gonna either sell or auction off all these patches, after we modify them so there’s no trademark/intellectual property violation. We may shoot a letter out of ’em, we may get a bottle of Elijah Craig and a couple Dremel Tools and see what we can produce. Either way, once the patches have been modified, we’ll be using them to generate revenue. The proceeds of that will be split between The Little Lighthouse of Tulsa, OK, and the Round Rock Children’s Autism Center in Austin, TX.

This is not a sanctioned operation.

We are not asking for their permission or cooperation, nor are we notifying them. Last time, for reasons still unknown, that went awry. We’re just gonna raise the money and send it in.

We will enlist the help of a couple friends in the industry to assist us in this endeavor, both for purposes of transparency (a good idea in any event) and to preempt any of this ↓↓↓.

As soon as we have the details sorted, we shall advise! Please stand by (preferably with credit card in hand).

And nobody worry. We already have something cooking for next year’s SHOT Show©®™♥   .

That’s it for now. Go forth and conquer.


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4 thoughts on “Never Again Getting Banged | SHOTSHYTE

  • February 9, 2018 at 10:24 pm

    To reflect the situation accurately it should be “SHIT SHOW” 2018…Just my 2 cents

  • February 5, 2018 at 1:36 pm

    Punching/cutting out the “O” sounds like a good approach to me. Using a dremel tool would work too. You might want to try running a hot iron with a flat tip across the offending word and melting the letters into each other.

    Whatever you do, I am up for at least one of them.

  • February 2, 2018 at 12:05 pm

    .22 match, target is the “O”, and from now on, refer to it as the “SH*T Show”


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