New Netflix series to tell the stories of Medal of Honor recipients

The new Netflix Medal of Honor series will be telling the stories of individual Medal of Honor recipients, recent and historical.

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Next week (Friday the 9th, to be exact) marks the debut of the new Medal of Honor documentary-drama series about Medal of Honor recipients.

Mark your calendar, and join us in earnestly hoping they don’t fuck this up.


The Medal of Honor series from Netflix debuts November 9, 2018.
The Medal of Honor series from Netflix debuts November 9, 2018.


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One of the first Medals of Honor awarded - this one is from the Battle of Gettysburg; this one was awarded to Corporal Daniel P. Reigle, 87th Pennsylvania Volunteers.
One of the earliest Medals of Honor awarded. This was presented to Cpl. Daniel Reigle, Color Sergeant of the 87th Regiment of Pennsylfania Volunteers. It was hung around his neck by President Abraham Lincoln.

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