Napalm Smells Like Victory | Scene It

Napalm – you know what is smells like!

Brought to you by 88 Tactical.

88 Tactical - Those who respond, prevail.
Those who respond, prevail: 88 Tactical

Apocalypse Now | Script to Screen

Napalm — you know what it smells like. It smells like victory, as we’re about to remind you. But first, the obligatory playing of Ride of the Valkyrie. Just scroll down if you want to go straight to the napalm.


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This scene is iconic, not least because it features Swingin’ Dick’s Grand Uncle Bill (a light colonel at the time). It is an oft-quoted, oft-referenced piece of popular culture, and not just in the military.

Although we’ve seen it about eleventy hundred times, we’ve only recently been able to watch it in the context of the original script. We figured it would be appropriate to share.

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