MOTUS on the Vanguard 2

MOTUS recently ran a review of the Vanguard 2 Holster from Raven Concealment, a minimalist appendix

“A few weeks ago part of our team paid a visit to F3 Tactical in Chantilly, Virginia. We wanted to check out what was new on the market and what products in particular their customers were asking for. While we were there, we met Michael Goerlich of Raven Concealment. Mike walked us through Raven’s Vanguard System and why it might be just the alternative I was looking for. The Raven Concealment Vanguard 2 Holster is an IWB holster unlike anything out there. It’s unique in the fact that it only covers your weapon’s trigger guard, thus eliminating the extra bulk typically associated with an IWB holster…After ten to fifteen minutes of bending, squatting, kneeling, and going through various daily motions, I was able to figure out exactly how I wanted the cant and where I wanted to place it on my belt. To say this holster is comfortable is an understatement

Read what they have to say about the Vanguard 2 here.


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