Morgan Pipes Adds Lightning Finish Option

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Morgan Pipes Adds Lightning Finish Option

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Chris Morgan’s Morgan Pipes (@morganpipes) has a new finish available on his creations – the Lighting Finish. It’s based on Fractal Lichtenberg, the result of high voltage electricity making its way through the body of something (like a person, after a lighting strike). This movement leaves a burnt path behind, charting the course of that electricity’s path.

Morgan has now adapted this process to his briar pipes, as you can see below on some of his briar cigars and pipes (the one you see above is a “Hangin’ Brandy” with the lightning finish).

Says Morgan,

“I am offering the option to have the Bones Pipe of your choice processed in the same shocking manner for an additional $20. You can add the finish option on the Bones store page from the drop down menu. Details are in the description.

Commissioned pipes will now be available with this finish as well.

Due to the high level of danger and concentration required, some orders may require a couple extra days of processing, but you’ll soon have the most unique pipe on the block.”

You can order a pipe here on the Morgan Pipes website. They’re also on Facebook, /MorganPipes/.

Not sure how Art of Manliness Pipe Smoking Primer hereto smoke a pipe, or been a while since you’ve done so? The Art of Manliness published a primer on that very topic many years ago, but the basics remain the same. Read the A.

Read a little more about them right here in this “entreprenewyear” article from a couple years back.

“A pipe in the mouth makes it clear that there has been no mistake–you are undoubtedly a man.” -A. A. Milne

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