Monderno on the Coye Knives 105XL

Coye Knives 105XL -2

One of our beloathed (that’s the opposite of beloved) arch-nemeses (that’s plural of nemesis), Monderno, recently ran an article about the Coye Knives 105XL.

This is twice those in as many weeks those bastards have found out about something before we should have – we’re starting to sense a pattern here.

The 105XL has an OAL of 11.75-in., blade length of 6″, with a plain stonewash or acid/was tumbled finish. If you want more info, you’ll need to go read the original Monderno article. It pains us like getting your bore punched for the first time to send you over there, but Coye Knives are worthy of the sacrifice. You can read it here:

Coye Knives 105XL

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