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December 8, 2015  
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Now that the news has finally broken officially, we are allowed to share some this awesome word – Nate Murr, hipster-taunting Kipling orator and longtime Breach-Bang-Clear writer, has joined Kinetic Development Group (@kineticdevelopmentgroup) as their new Director of Business Development.

To say we’re chuffed on this American Jedi’s behalf would be a gross understatement.

Nate Murr, a Mad Duo Minion, getting dirty.

Murr, whom you may recall as the inventor of the B5 Grip stop, the CRM 114 Discriminator and the Rocannon Ansible, will be involved in developing new products, unfucking ideas that should work but don’t and implementing sales and marketing efforts. His relationship with Kinetic Development Group goes back to before that company’s inception; he’s not only consulted on multiple KDG product designs (including the SIDELOK mount and the forthcoming ambi SCARching handle), he also once rescued KDG Managing Partner Darren Mellors from a remote tribe of cannibal amazon women (admittedly much to Mellors’ chagrin).

Those of you reading this are no doubt familiar with Murr’s body of literary work. His writings have appeared here, on, in RECOIL and OFFGRID magazines and on shitter walls on three continents. He’s been the Bronn to our Chief Editor’s Tyrion for going on 2 years now, not to mention an oft-sought sounding board for matters ballistic and mechanical, and has long since established a reputation for sanguine cheer that rivals even such renowned optimists as Harry Canyon and Dolorous Edd Tollett. A storied rescuer of damsel in distress who ssingle-handedlymade it cool to wear Hoppe’s No 9 as cologne, Nate is a former Marine infantry platoon sergeant, combat veteran and Scout Sniper team leader. He is known for a mechanical aptitude that borders on the idiot savant, which has lead more than person to wonder if he was not, in fact, descended from Jules Verne or Artemus Gordon. Fact is, this new KDG billet might just be the perfect niche for him, and although we’re not happy that he’ll be devoting less time to Breach-Bang-Clear (not least because he’s one of the reasons we are where we are today) we can reassure you that he’s not going away. He’ll still be contributing as his ops tempo allows.

Tactical Game of Thrones Reeder-Murr-Tyrion-Bronn-full

Here’s the sort of picture KDG sent out with their press release.


Here are a couple pictures to remind you why we have been so proud to have him as a long time resident of our Island of Misfit Toys.

Murr consulting with the Mexican Army

Murr with his big cock

Murr and his huge cock.

Mad Duo Nate on task

Murr and Mawhinney

Says Murr about the new job,

“I feel fortunate for the opportunity to bring my passion for real, common sense innovation to a nimble company like Kinetic Development Group that’s already proven its worth in this industry in such a short period of time. There are big things to come at KDG and I’m excited to be a part of it.”

His new boss echoes the sentiment. KDG VP and Co-Founder AJ Lafferty (who has secretly yearned for a Murr beard for years) tells us,

“We are very excited to have Nate join our team. He brings a unique set of skills and knowledge to KDG that meshes well with our vision, and where we are headed as a company. We couldn’t have asked for a better person for the job.”

To that we say, that’s a fact. You are no shit lucky to have him.

BBC & Graham Combat

Murr and Reeder Victory First

BBC & Graham Combat

Congratulations Mad Duo Nate, we’re looking forward to seeing great things out of you!

You can follow Kinetic Development Group online here. Check ’em out on Facebook here and follow ’em on Instagram right here (@kineticdevgroup).  You can also subscribe to them on YouTube.


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  1. Larry

    Close, it was Nathan D. Muir.

  2. bobbymike

    Isn’t Nathan Murr the name of Robert Redford’s character in ‘Spy Game’?

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