Michael C. Turley

Command Sergeant Major (Retired) Michael C. Turley has over 23 years of Tactical, Operational, and Strategic level experience. Previously a US Army Infantry leader including all leadership assignments from Team leader to Command Sergeant Major as well as Drill Sergeant and Operations Sergeant Major. He is currently working as a Senior Military Operations Analyst on Counter IED problem sets and ‘Attack the Network Operations’ for the past 3 1/2+ years.

Previous overseas deployments include OIF Iraq from June 2008 to June 2010, OEF 2003-2004, Bosnia 2000-2001. CSM Turley was embedded with 1ST BDE 2ND BN, Afghan National Army. He ran the terps, liaised with local elders and government officials, conducted joint operations with SF ODAs and ODBs and helped establish and construct a FOB in Lwara (the one later renamed Camp Tilman.) A life-long career grunt, he takes a child-like joy in breaking things and killing people, and truly enjoys a fine seeeegar.


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