Meerschaum – King of Pipes

Lots of us ’round here smoke pipes, from corncobs (“Missouri Meerschaum”) to briars to Meerschaums and every other type. But what is Meerschaum? Many people don’t know. We were going to write something to correct that deficiency — but Art of Manlines already did…and a fine job they did of it too. Mad Duo

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Meerschaum – King of Pipes 

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Excerpted from The Art of Manliness (@artofmanliness) — one of our favorite sites

Meerschaum may be synonymous with class and sophistication, but it’s also the material from which a pipe is made, to wit:

“..Meerschaum is a clay-like white mineral known for its porous nature. The use of meerschaum for pipe making dates back to the early 18th century, and many examples of meerschaum pipes still exist, some even unsmoked, as they were often seen as art as much as smoking implements and were kept behind glass…”

As TAoM so aptly describes pipes of this material,

“…nothing reflects the character of the smoker more than a meerschaum. Simultaneously a smoking implement and a work of art, meerschaum pipes not only boast stunning visual appeal but are known for the quality smoke they provide as well…”

Buffalo Bill Meerschaum Coloring

Traditional calabash pipes are another kind of meerschaum pipe, made from the stem of a calabash gourd, and then treated and lined with meerschaum.  Nostalgia embraces these pipes as we see that  Mark Twain personally used one and the literary hero Sherlock Holmes puffed away on his calabash while solving mysteries.

Mark Twain Calabash Meerschaum

Sherlock Holmes with a Calabash Meerschaum

Why should you smoke a Meerschaum? There are a number of reasons…and one of the greatest is their nuanced aesthetic.

Who wouldn’t want to smoke a Meerschaum?

“For both the connoisseur and the beginner, choosing a pipe is a very personal choice which can potentially reflect your personality in a way few other personal items can. For the quiet, brooding types, a large bowl with a simplistic design will allow for long, ponderous smokes without drawing unwanted attention. For the more extravagant among us, nothing says “look at me” more than lighting up a smoke [atop a Meerschaum].”

Ornate Meerschaum

You can (and definitely should) read the original article in all it’s entirety at The Art of Manliness website, The King of Pipes: The Meerschaum.

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  • October 27, 2017 at 5:55 pm

    I smoke a DR. Grabow brier wood, Grand Duke model. I’ve gotten fond of Cavendish tobacco as my go to.


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