Marcus Wynne on HPG's Attache

We’re big fans of 1:1 scale author-adventurer-writer Marcus Wynne, as many of you know. We’ve also had many friends recommend Hill People Gear to us. Recently, in happy bit of concomitance, Wynne wrote a review of a piece of HPG gear. We figured it was worth sharing. Mad Duo

Grunts: concomitance.

“HPG products have caught on in a quiet way with some of the professional grey men our military and government deploys in various places — primarily because the gear is simple, clean, robust, elegantly designed, and, when appropriately outfitted, very low key and unobtrusive.

And you can run all kind of goodies in plain sight in one. I’ve seen one with a rifle plate slid into the computer sleeve, and the First Spear fabric that lines the main compartment rigged with holsters, radio pouch, spare mags, and a very cool three-cigar carrier I kinda wanted to steal, if I wasn’t afraid that the owner would hurt me.”Marcus Wynne Hill People Gear review

Read the entirety of Wynne’s enlightened erudition about the Hill People Gear attache here.

If you’re not familiar with Wynne’s writing, check it out. He writes with two fists but can type with one, has jumped out of airplanes in the military, spent some time with at least one Federal agency, pontificates on the radio and television, did PSD work and most importantly was once a bouncer at Nancy’s Squat and Gobble. If you’re interested, No Other Option just became available as an eBook (though you can buy it the old fashioned paper Amish way too). Get it here.

Duo No Other Option

Mad Duo, Breach-Bang & CLEAR!


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