Magnetic Flashlight Buyers Guide

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Magnetic Flashlight Buyer’s Guide

Patrick McCarthy, OFFGRID Magazine

Accomplishing tasks one-handed is often challenging — hence the phrase “with one hand tied behind my back.” Whether you’re cleaning a gun, changing your truck’s oil or preparing dinner, simple undertakings can become frustrating ordeals if you can’t use both hands. This reinforces the importance of hands-free lighting.

Without it, you may find yourself clenching the light in your teeth, balancing the light in a precarious position, or wishing you could grow a third hand to hold the flashlight as you work.

In previous issues, we addressed three common forms of hands-free lights: headlamps (Issue 2), lanterns (Issue 6), and angle-head flashlights (Issue 15). In this issue, we focus on an often-overlooked fourth variety: magnetic lights. These magnetized flashlights can be indispensable in urban areas where metal surfaces abound. Snap one onto a toolbox, door frame, ceiling joist, handlebar, trunk lid, or the underside of a desk to quickly free up both of your hands. It’s easy to adjust and re-aim the light as you work, and in an emergency, you can detach it in a swift motion without fiddling with clips or straps.

Due to their many uses in and around vehicles, it’s common to find magnetic lights in auto parts stores. However, these lights aren’t restricted to automotive use. In fact, you might be surprised how often they come in handy during your daily routine.



Make & Model – Nightstick NSP-2422B Dual-Light

Claimed Maximum Brightness – 130 lumen flashlight, 110 lumen floodlight

Claimed Maximum Runtime – Flashlight: 9.5 hrs.; Floodlight: 10.5 hrs; Both: 5 hrsClaimed Maximum Runtime – Flashlight: 9.5 hrs.; Floodlight: 10.5 hrs; Both: 5 hrs

Overall Length – 7 in.

Weight with Batteries – 6.7 oz.

Battery Type – AA (three, included)

Controls – Dual push-button switches

Output Modes – Flashlight (momentary-on or constant-on), floodlight, or both

Special Features – Polymer body with magnetic tail, built-in pocket/belt clip with magnet, crenellated bezel, wrist lanyard, IPX7 waterproof

MSRP – $26


With two magnets, two LEDs, and two switches, the Dual-Light lives up to its name.


Make & Model – Olight S2 Baton

Claimed Maximum Brightness – 950 lumens

Claimed Maximum Runtime – 60 days

Overall Length – 4.06 in.

Weight with Batteries – 3.5 oz.

Battery Type – 18650 (one, not included) or CR123 (two, not included)

Controls – Push-button switch, constant-on only

Output Modes – Turbo, high, medium, low, moonlight, strobe

Special Features – Magnetic tail cap, TIR lens, 3- or 9-minute shut-off timer, removable pocket clip, wrist lanyard, IPX8 waterproof

MSRP – $50


At the business end of this light, there’s a CREE XM-L2 / U3 LED mounted behind a polymethyl methacrylate total internal reflection lens.




Make & Model – Pelican 2365 Flex-Neck

Claimed Maximum Brightness – 65 lumens

Claimed Maximum Runtime – 7 hrs.

Overall Length – 21.9 in.

Weight with Batteries – 9.2 oz.

Battery Type – AA (two, not included)

Controls – Push-button tail cap with momentary-on and constant-on modes

Output Modes – N/A

Special Features – 14-inch flexible neck, removable magnetic mount

MSRP – $59


This light’s signature feature is its 2-foot-long flexible neck, which contorts like a crazy straw to provide illumination at any angle.


Make & Model – Streamlight Knucklehead 90627

Claimed Maximum Brightness – 200 lumens

Claimed Maximum Runtime – 20 days

Overall Length – 9.2 in.

Weight with Batteries – 23.1 oz.

Battery Type – 4.8v 1800mAh NiCad rechargeable (one, included) or AA (four, not included)

Controls – Push-button switch, constant-on only

Output Modes – High, low, moonlight, flashing

Special Features – Yellow or black polymer body, dual-LED flood beam, adjustable head with 210-degree articulation and 360-degree rotation, side-mounted magnet, retractable hang hook, optional rechargeable battery with charging cradle and wall/car adapters

MSRP – $262 as tested with charger, $146 for AA-only model


The side-mounted magnet on this light ships with a warning label and protective cover — probably for the best given the claimed 135-pound pull strength.



Make & Model – SureFire Y300 Ultra

Claimed Maximum Brightness – 500 lumens

Claimed Maximum Runtime – 45 hrs.

Overall Length – 3.6 in.

Weight with Batteries – 4.4 oz. without clip

Battery Type – CR123 (two, included)

Controls – Ambidextrous toggle switch; press for momentary, twist for constant

Output Modes – High, low

Special Features – Magnetic base, magnetic belt clip with parallel or 90-degree mounting, removable metal two-way pocket clip, made in the USA

MSRP – $295


If you’ve ever used a SureFire pistol light, you may be experiencing deja vu.

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  • July 21, 2017 at 5:54 am

    Can vouch for olight, its a beast and well worth the 50. I use it camping and if the power goes out at home I point it at the ceiling and illuminate the room.


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