Mad Max Grassroots Helmet Campaign

ALCON: Our friend Max Mullen has started a helmet-wearing campaign for the troops. Wear and take a picture whatever you wear to protect your noggin: K-pot, MICH helmet, old steel pot, Pro-Tec, Ops-Core, whatever in support of the troops. Said Max yesterday, “…thinking about starting a campaign in support of the troops who are still fighting. They wear a hoodie for Trayvon how about let’s wear a K-pot or Mitch-helmet for the troops to show our solidarity and support, just a thought.”

Note: this isn’t some rabid response to the shooting, taking sides one way way or the other. In a blunt, cogent statement that says pretty much what all of us feel, Max is urging people to wait for all the information to come out of the investigation rather than rushing to a judgment by media and public accord. (HOW many times have we seen things turn out entirely differently than was initially though once all the evidence came in?)

Anyway, he’s asking that you take a picture in your helmet and put it up on your Facebook wall (preferably tagging him). Is it going to make a difference to all the self-righteous and incorrigible people who want to decide someone’s

fate based on a couple sensational news stories? No, but it’s a nice gesture to the boys and girls on the sharp end right now.

Go visit Max on his page. He’s still just full of badassery, even if he did just celebrate his eleventy-second birthday two months ago.

KIDDING, Mad Max fanbois, kidding. Don’t get butthurt. If you can’t make fun of yourself or your friends you’re probably too uptight to live. Now shut up and go put a helmet on that grape.



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