"Heavy" VBIED (Vehicles w/ Armor) in Syria

More “hillbilly” and “Mad Max” work in the Middle East. At least one of the ‘rebel factions’ in Syria appears to be using heavy, armored vehicles (as in heavy vehicles with makeshift armor fastened to them, not tanks and AFVs) to deliver VBIEDs to their target – in this case, what is purportedly a hospital (though there’s now way to confirm that from this video with our resources of course). In any case, you can imagine the sort of firepower you’d need to put down on it to stop it. Problematic at best (though no doubt easier for a ‘regular’ unit than partisans and whatnot). Regardless, it’s something to be aware of if you’re somewhere out there dealing with assholes like this (especially you guys on contract jobs).

Be careful.

Hat tip to Feral Jundi!


Mad Duo, Breach-Bang & CLEAR!

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