LOWA Boot Review: SHWAT on the Camino GTX

LOWA Boots Review – here’s a good one.

This one’s from SHWAT.com.

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LOWA Boots Camino GTX Reviewed

SHWAT.com (Special Hunting Weapons And Tactics) just published part 6 in their ongoing boot review series. In this installment, SHWAT contributor Eric Conn takes a look at the LOWA Camino GTX. Given the miles he’s put in hiking everywhere from Colorado to the Czech Republic, we figure maybe his opinion is worth a read. Says Conn,

“The Camino GTX is great for Western hunting in pretty serious terrain, and especially good in the early season. It’s a great recreational hiker and perfect for backpacking enthusiasts who are addicted to mileage. That said, it wouldn’t be my first choice in places like Idaho’s Frank Church Wilderness, where you spend all day climbing up or down, are always off trail, and flat, groomed paths simply don’t exist. In that case, I’d go with a boot that had more ankle support, more supportive heel lockdown, a full rubber rand, and a stiffer sole for steep country—something like Lowa’s Bighorn Hunter or Tibet (insulated). I’d have the same recommendation for mountain goat or alpine hunting, which requires a much stiffer boot than the Camino provides and most especially, insulation.”

LOWA boots review - Camino GTX - SHWAT article by Eric Conn

There more where that came from if you’re interested. Read the full article at King of the Mountain — Is LOWA’s Camino GTX the Ultimate Mountain Hunting Boot?


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