Lock Down Your Social Media

While this is primarily intended for LEOs, the sound advice herein applies to everyone: lock down your social media.

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LE Folks on FB: Lock down your Facebook accounts.

In 2017, there is no reason to share every post with the public. Your friends are adequate. Do you ever tell your personal life to total strangers?

In 2017, there is no reason to advertise that you’re in LE, especially to name your agency on your ‘about me’ section. Why help someone set you up or cause you trouble?

In 2017, there is no reason to utilize your phone number as backup to your account. It’s just one more way to find you.

Make sure any picture you post doesn’t show your personal vehicles or their license plates.

No pictures of the exterior of your home.

Ensure you’re not posting EXIF data in your pictures. What’s that? It shows details of the photo, to include GPS coordinates. [Note: according to Facebook, EXIF data is stripped from images posted there, but such assurances have been proven wrong before.]

Understand that your profile and cover photographs are automatically made public. When you change photos, you will have to individually change the photo from public to friends or ‘only me’. If you don’t, they are visible to anyone when they go looking.

Don’t be afraid to block people who are caustic to you or loved ones. They aren’t worth the headache and not everyone needs to know your business. Some folks just aren’t worthy of your trust.

Don’t say anything on FB that you can’t make your boss understand. You still represent your agency off duty. People piss me off too… alas, have you ever been yelled at during a shift? Do you think you changed their opinion of you by telling them off?

Finally, even if you think all the above information is not worth your time, know this:

Do you think for one second the criminal you arrested won’t search for you on social media? Then click on your spouse? See your kids, cars, house pictures? Google your names and find your address? Use pictures of you at trial?

Anonymity is the new rule. Embrace it.

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2 thoughts on “Lock Down Your Social Media

  • July 2, 2017 at 12:12 am

    I would also add to not register on Facebook with your real name, and dont fill out the background questions. Most of my LEO friends have a name on FB that is NOT their real name. ALL of my personal information has been left blank for years. Nobody knows who I work for, where I went to school, etc.

  • July 1, 2017 at 7:53 pm

    Never post pictures of you with your wife and kids. They will remember them when you’re not around.


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