Our Littlest Huntress (That We Know Of)

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Recently the animal-loving 9-year old daughter of one of our minions went deer hunting for the first time. Her mother (the minion in question) allowed it but was predictably worried how the young lady would react. Because mom was out of town, her stepfather (this guy) prepped her for the hunt. He checked to see how far away she could hit a target, that she understood shooting positions, and that she knew the necessary deer anatomy. A family friend let them hunt on his land and showed her the basics of tracking a wounded animal.

Here’s a quick excerpt from the story:

My husband, Daniel (Alison’s step-dad), prepped her for her first hunt. They practiced shooting positions, dry-fired the rifle, zeroed together, and discussed the anatomy of deer. Daniel tested her shooting ability to determine at what distance Alison could successfully shoot. Alison was consistently making hits on an 8 inch steel plate out to 200 yards from multiple shooting positions. She was confident behind the gun.

I was stressed leading up to the hunt; this was a new kind of worry for me. Maybe I was the one who was not ready. Instant panic rushed through my body when my husband texted saying, “You are not going to believe this!! She got one.” I texted back with questions- no answer. I tried to call- no answer. Immediately, I was scared she would regret her decision. I worried she was crying and I couldn’t hug her. This is one of those defining moments in a child’s life; I hoped the moment she was living was a positive one.

Forty-nine minutes after that initial text, Alison called me with her story. “Hello? Momma, can you hear me?”

We won’t ruin the point of the story. You’ll have to read the whole thing to see what happened, how they prepared her for the hunt and what rifle she used. We’ll give you a hint though.

Our littlest huntress


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Sylvester Stallone Marion "Cobra" Cobretti
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