Line of Fire Cold Weather Mitt System

Line of Fire Cold Weather Mitt System

 Fifty Shades of FDE

If you’re a shooter and gear guy like I am, you probably have numerous set of tactical gloves, way more than you really need. For those who live and operate in some freezing weather, here’s a new product from Line of Fire you might be interested in: the Cold Weather Mitt System, which will be released at this year’s SHOT Show.

I got an advanced sneak peak a week prior to SHOT Show at the Line of Fire facility in Huntington Beach, California, where I met Brian, the owner. In his office there’s an impressive display of all their different types of gloves on the wall. He showed me the Cold Weather Mitt System and gave me some background on its development.

Line of FIre Tactical Gloves 1

The Cold Weather Mitt System consists of three parts. Each part is sold separately to allow the end user to choose a liner independently from the shell.

The outer shell is the Vulcan, a three-finger mit made of stretchy dry/wet release material and is dry tape seamed, making it 100% waterproof. The three-finger design offers optimal finger control. The palms are lined with cow hide leather and TEGS system (more about that in a bit). It has a locking pull cord that keeps the elements out and comes in coyote, black and foliage.

The Vulcan shell accommodates two different sets of liners:

Double Down, for extremely cold conditions. It features Kevlar stitching, a leather wrapped trigger finger, digital goat skin palm with TEGS grip and a locking pull cord. It’s also available in the three color options.

The second is the lower profile Stealth Liner, which is mission-capable on its own. It features Kevlar stitching, an enhanced durable face with a comfortable fleece back, and TEGS grip in the palm. It makes for a warm yet breathable glove, and is only available in black.

Line of FIre Tactical Gloves 3

Both liners were designed and built as stand alone operational gloves. All parts of the system are made here in the US of A, which is very rare when it comes to gloves. They’re also touch screen compatible, in case you have to post that picture to Instagram without taking your gloves off and freezing your hands! Since this system was designed for military use, touch screen compatibility is useful for service members who have to operate screens in vehicles and equipment.

Now, on to TEGS. It stands for Technically Enhanced Grip System and looks and feels like skateboard grip tape, but I assure you it’s anything but. I’d never seen or heard of TEGS technology before; I was able to test it out myself during the visit, and I’m very impressed. I wore a LOF glove, grabbed a metal rod with TEGS tape on the handle, and that rod wasn’t going anywhere. I then picked up an AR with TEGS on the pistol grip, the best way I can describe it is that it’s like having Spiderman’s grip.

Line of FIre Tactical Gloves 5

This mitt system was developed for the US Army and is currently being testing at a very cold, mountainous region in the east coast. By the time you read this, they’ll be ready for the commercial market so you can add to your collection of gloves! For more information, go to: They’re also on Instagram @loftactical.

Line of FIre Tactical Gloves 4

Going to SHOT? Come by and visit the Line of Fire Booth #30513 for their Customer Appreciation Keg Party on Thursday, 1/19. It starts at 12:30pm and ends at 4:30pm

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