Lightforce light bars: Striker LED Light Bar

Lightforce recently released the Striker line of rectangular LED lightbar vehicle lights. They’re ideal overlanding gear, for working vehicles, and of course for emergency vehicles. They include an IR option for green-eyed nighttime work. Read on to learn more.


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Striker lights are built in Australia (though they’re available in the US, including on Amazon). They feature reduced radio interference technology to prevent stereo interference [EMC shielding], a range of modular filters to match a wide range of driving conditions, and a complete DIY installation kit. Said kit features a complete wiring harness, plug-and-play adapters for headlight high beams, dashboard switch, all necessary consumables, and individually labeled wires. Better yet, the entire system is modular, built with IP68 and IP69k ingress protection to withstand water crossings or inclement weather, and available in an IR version.

Note: this is news, not a review or an endorsement. 

Lightforce USA Striker lights on the job - working in a blizzard.
Lightforce LED lightbars can take substantial punishment, which is no doubt why they are currently in service on working vehicles on several continents.


Lightforce USA Striker light bar and vehicle spotlights on the job.
Lightforce Striker light bar and vehicle spotlights on the job.

Note: we are not talking about this Striker:

Ted Striker, war hero and lifesaving pilot extraordinaire.

We’re talking about these Strikers:

Lightforce USA Striker LED vehicle lights - photo by Thomas Carlson of Basecamp Creative Group
Performance lighting by Lightforce – an excellent choice of overlanding gear.

Lightforce’s modular filter system has three primary filters available:

• A spot filter comes standard and delivers a virtually unaltered beam. It protects your light’s lens.
• A wide filter disperses some of the light into a wide (letterbox) beam pattern aiding peripheral vision on windy roads and 4WD applications, and
• A flood filter, which further disperses the light into a ‘ball’, suitable for campsites, workshops and high-performance scene lighting.

Regarding the EMC shielding for reduced radio interference, Lightforce (Australia) says,

“Hours of static coming out the radio is nobody’s idea of fun. Whether you are on a mining site, commercial road user, off-road adventurer – the Lightforce LEDs are independently tested and will not interfere with your UHF radios or favourite radio channel. We do this by adding extra shielding around all the drivers on the PCB board. Yes, it costs a bit more but we believe it’s worth it to prevent the radio interference.”

Lightforce USA Striker LED vehicle lights
Lightforce rigid light bar vehicle light rack in the wild.

The Lightforce USA website product page relays details as follows:

“With a stylish rectangular form factor for a cool look on any 4X4, SUV or ute [utility vehicle], and great all-around performance, Australian-made Striker LEDs are the latest Driving Lights from the leader in performance lighting. The rectangular look is back in style, and the smooth lines of the Striker LED make this a perfect choice when you want something different to round driving lights and LED Bars.

Lightforce Striker LEDs for a vehicle - beam length and depth
Performance lighting takes on a whole new meaning – and importance – when lives are at stake.

A pair of Striker LEDs come with a complete DIY Installation Kit. You get a complete wiring harness, plug-and-play adaptors for your headlight’s high beam, a dashboard switch and all the consumables for the install. For the first time on a driving harness, all the wires are individually labeled so you can’t go wrong. Simple user instructions are included, and we have produced videos of installations onto different vehicles.


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With 15 high-quality LumiLED LEDs, these Driving Lights are designed to perform to our consistently high standards. Their IP68 and IP69k ingress protection rating means they can handle a creek crossing and a high-pressure washdown after an adventure. With reduced radio interference technology included, you can listen to the radio without static. And a range of modular Striker LED filters lets you modify the lights to suit your driving conditions.

Lightforce USA Striker LED vehicle lights
Lightforce performance lighting in the mountains – as you can see, there are many choices of light configuration.


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●Distance: 1 lux at 754m
●Distance: 0.25 lux at 1508m
●Effective Lumens: 3466
●Raw Lumens: 5625
●Colour Temperature: 5000K
●CRI: 70
●Current Draw: 8.8Amps @ 13.2V
●Voltage Range: 10V – 36V DC
●Wattage: 60W (Each)
●Ingress Protection Rating: IP68, IP69K
●Weight: 1Kg (Including Mounts)

[Here is more from SEMA if you need it.]

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