LifeSaver bottles – ‘cuz $hitt!n’ yerself sucks

We had a great talk with the folks from LifeSaver in the “Pop Up Preview” on floor 5 during SHOT Show. We were familiar with their first water filter bottle and liked it, but they’ve turned this new one up to 11. The bottle only holds 400ml of water, but it does a lot more than just hold water.

Icon LifeSaver fliltered waterbottle.
Some of the things the new LifeSaver water bottle can handle are really gross.

Cover photo: @driventoextremes using LifeSaver in north Africa.

Icon Lifesaver: Filter your water in the field – getting the shits sucks

The Liberty Bottle (available on Optics Planet and Amazon) is like a combination of a traditional pump water filter with the ability to store some water in it also. The bottle has the ability to attach a scavenger hose to it, meaning you aren’t scooping it through the fetid water. This decreases the risk of contamination of the drinking area.

Grunts: fetid.

The bottle can mount to a bunch of wide mouth bottles (like Nalgenes) for additional potable water storage. The filter uses a hollow fiber membrane that doesn’t require backflushing and slows down and eventually stops around 2000 liters letting you know that the cartridge needs to be replaced.  Taste is improved with a replaceable carbon disc — did we mention this thing has the tests to back up claims of its resistance to viruses, bacteria, and cysts?

LifeSaver in Canada with @benwaugh.
LifeSaver in Canada with @benwaugh.

To put that into perspective, you could drink from the sink at Nancy’s Squat & Gobble after Dirty Mike and the Boyz were done in it without getting sick (and as you’re no doubt aware, they don’t exactly meet NSF/ANSI standards to begin with). That is why it would be an excellent choice for someone who was trying not to drive stupid.

The bottle pressurizes meaning you don’t have to suck on it in order to drink you just open or close the valve. We plan to pick one of these up and try it out on water we’re sure would most certainly give us the shits.

Wish us luck.

Icon LifeSaver Jerrycan: Water filtration in bulk

The Icon LifeSaver jerrycan.
LifeSaver’s jerrycan holds an impressive amount of water.

The water cleaning beast you see above has been around for a bit, but it’s always worth a mention.  The LifeSaver Jerrycan (also on Prime) comes in two versions; a 10,000 model, and another that holds 20,000 liters. The larger of the two doesn’t even cost that much more than the other, though it has just half the water purifying capacity.

@expeditionmarooned using a LifeSaver jerrycan on their way to South America.
@expeditionmarooned using a LifeSaver jerrycan on their way to South America.

The other cool thing about these is, you can get a shower attachment you can use to create clean water to clean cooking items or even just clean off as the jerry pressurizes to force water through the filter. Store one of these in your overlanding rig — put a bottle in your car.

This only helps with hygiene, mind you. Any other risks must be dealt with separately.

Dropping the soap in the shower presents its own dangers.

All told, this is a pretty cool system for storing dirty water and making it clean.

Icon LifeSaver filter water bottles - LifeSaver seen here with @driventoextremes.
@driventoextremes using LifeSaver filtration systems in north Africa.


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