Leviathan Group and Nine Line Partner for Leviathan T-Shirts

Nine Line Apparel has teamed up with Leviathan Group for a line of Leviathan T-Shirts. We’re likin’ that gauntlet.

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Here is what Leviathan advises us: 

Leviathan Group, a consulting company specializing in providing accurate tactical and military equipment assistance to the film-making and video game world, is proud to announce its new relationship with veteran-owned military apparel company Nine Line Apparel. Leviathan has been involved with such films and shows as Deadpool 2, Guardians of the Galaxy, 2, The Walking Dead, The Punisher, and others. They’ve now teamed up with one of the fastest growing privately owned companies in the country (as ranked by Inc. Magazine) to deliver badass shirt designs based on their work in the movie world. Current designs include the Leviathan Gauntlet, Leviathan Spoiler, and Leviathan Arrow. You can find the full series on the web on the Nine Line Apparel website:


You won’t see any rifle optics installed backwards in anything we do…  There will be more to come after Leviathan is done with a certain “retired” assassin has sorted his current troubles and is once more settled comfortably into his room at the Continental.

Leviathan Group – Power Without Equal

We’ll help you take better care of those dick-skinners.

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Here are a few of the shirts:

Leviathan Group Collaboration with Nine Line Apparel in new Leviathan T-Shirts line, this one the Leviathan Spoiler.
Leviathan Group Collaboration with Nine Line Apparel in new Leviathan T-Shirts line, this one the Leviathan Arrow.
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