Leupold Earns Hunt Alaska Editor's Choice Award

We’re told Leupold & Stevens, Inc. recently received the Editor’s Choice Award from Hunt Alaska magazine for their VX-3i 4.5-14x50mm CDS riflescope. The VX-3i is just a little over a year old now. It features their “twilight max light management system,” a low-light optical tech designed to let shooters see better into low light locations.

Says Rob Morrison, VP of Marketing for Leupold,

“Hunting in Alaska requires durable, long-lasting gear that can withstand extreme punishment. To be named an Editor’s Choice is a validation of our relentless quest to design and manufacture the world’s best performance optics.”

Leupold describes the optic thusly:

“The VX-3i features Leupold’s proprietary Twilight Max Light Management System. This technology optimizes light transmission across the entire visible spectrum, and highlights wavelengths that matter most to the human eye, while significantly reducing glare and improving contrast. The end result is a riflescope that outperforms any other in the world.”

The VX-3i features precise, match-grade adjustments and Leupold’s Custom Dial System, designed to make long-range shots faster and more accurate. A wide range of magnifications and reticle options are available.

“Coyotes, and predators in general, absolutely have their place in the ecosystem. But without proper management and control, they have an enormous impact on game animals. When hunters help keep predator numbers in check, it promotes healthier numbers of deer, turkey, and quail in the fall.” Jeff Thomason, Predator Pursuit

Follow Leupold on Instagram, @leupoldoptics.

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