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ALCON: You need to go check out Legally Concealed. They’ve developed a pro-Second Amendment symbol that’s a lot like the “thin blue line” symbol so many guys and girls On The Job often sport. They’re a veteran owned small family business (including a former Army Infantry officer and a female former Marine NCO). They’ve got some pretty bad ass hats, cloth and PVC patches, decals, shirts, rail covers…pretty much whatever you need, whether you’re a trained and responsible armed citizen set to defend your family, current/former military or even a rightously 2A steely-eyed mall ninja in a jocked up civvie humvee.

Put a decal on one of your magazines, on your vehicle, on the back of your bald head, whatever. Wear a shirt, wear a hat, put Velcro on the front of your banana hammock and sport a decal up front while going almost nekkid to the range, but show your staunch (grunts: staunch) support for the Second Amendment.

Note: don’t really wear just a banana hammock, even with a Legally Concealed patch on it. At least not unless you’re also wearing a sombrero.

In all seriousness, check these folks out, spread the good word and show ’em some love. Tell them the Mad Duo sent ya.

Oh, and yes that’s an interview with Tactical Response on their home page. Don’t hold that against them if you’re one of those who think James went Full Yeager with that video he did. Support Legally Concealed whether you agree with what he did or not.

Portions of the sales of Legally Concealed materiel support the NRA and other pro-2A establishments.

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