The Law of Winkler: Law Tactical LT SURV

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“My brother Mark bought me a SURV for my birthday — I kid you not, this is the best survival knife I’ve every used.” Randolph “Randy” Bragg

“I don’t know if I’d have made it without this knife.” Arthur Jellison

“I kilt me a Tabeguache Ute and ate him by Curecanti Crick with mine!” Alferd Packer

The Law of Winkler: Law Tactical LT SURV

An installment of the 2017 Banging Gift Guide

David Reeder

The Law Tactical SURV fixed blade field knife is a collaborative, custom knife built in limited production runs by Daniel Winkler of Winkler Knives II. Their arrival has been at least a year in the making. There are just 25 per batch, and each is serialized. They’re built of 80Crv2 Carbon Steel, with a 5 in. blade and Micarta handle, and each ships with a sheath crafted from the hide of a dead beast.

Law Tactical - Daniel Winkler LT SURV Field Knife

Law Tactical - Daniel Winkler LT SURV Field Knife


The chisel point, carbon steel blade is finished with a Caswell treatment for corrosion resistance and a dark, n0-glare black oxide finish. Removable grips are quarter inch thick canvas Micarta (full specs below), with a large storage compartment concealed below them in the tang.

Additional Features Include:

· Screwdriver tool for handle removal (Sheath clip can be used in the field)

· Leather covered multi wear sheath system (vertical, horizontal, right hand, left hand)

· Molle loops, steel spring clip, leather belt loop

· Law Tactical handle engraving for increased grip texture

· Skeletonized tang with large storage area

· Recess cut handle scales for increased storage space

· 2 Lanyard holes (can also be used to remove 5.56 bullet from case to access powder)

Law Tactical - Daniel Winkler LT SURV Field Knife


Law Tactical - Daniel Winkler LT SURV Field Knife


· Blade Material: 80Crv2 Carbon Steel

· Blade thickness: .366 (aprox 3/8”)

· Overall Length: 10 1/8”

· Weight: 10.7oz

· Blade Lengh: 5” with chisel point grind for light prying capabilities

· Finish: Black Oxide Castle

· Handle: ¼” thick Black Canvas Micarta

Law Tactical - Daniel Winkler LT SURV Field Knife

*Due to the nature of custom items, slight variations may occur.

Learn more or get yourself one by ordering online:

Note: Utilizing this tool to turn your rifle into a folder is not only ill-advised, it’s moronic. That’s a different Law product entirely.

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