Justice for Jesse – a counter-argument FOR Ventura

Justice was served and Ventura was right – that’s what A.J. Delgado said in her op-ed on the National Review Online yesterday. In it he addresses several key things, including such “myths” (his word) as ‘He sued a widow‘, ‘The jury got it wrong‘ and ‘Ventura’s reputation was already ruined.


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He makes some interesting points, and not just for Ventura apologists, but most of them will be lost in the visceral social media mob-with-torches response to news of Ventura’s win. We posted an article earlier in which we poked fun at Jesse Ventura while setting up a satire piece we think now might be doomed to failure (though we may get drunk and finish writing it anyway). In this article (you can find it here if you missed it) we tried to make a few points worth considering. Apparently we screwed that up – we’ll study up on how better to write sarcasm, cynicism and the fine art of disguising serious ideas as snark and smart-assery so we can do better next time. We’ll also chastise the wretched minions responsible for the writing. Meantime, check out Delgado’s article (which doesn’t change the fact that we think Jesse Ventura is a douchebag, mind you, but we hell we thought that before the trial).  ad Duo

“For those of us paying attention, Kyle’s story seemed fishy from the get-go. Why would Ventura make such remarks in the company of friends and fellow SEALS, especially those who were at a bar as part of a wake for a fallen warrior? Only a hair-raisingly evil person would say they “deserve to lose a few,” much less to men who have just buried a fellow soldier. While Ventura has been quite publicly critical of both Bush and much U.S. policy (and, for the record, I am not excusing his views), hatred of individual servicemen is a whole other ballgame.

But, this was Chris Kyle, a war hero (!), and thus all blindly believed him.

Ventura asked for a retraction and an apology. He received none. So he proceeded with a defamation lawsuit.

Legal experts claimed Ventura had no shot. A widow crying on the stand? Too sympathetic. A decorated war hero who was tragically killed (in an unrelated accident after Ventura filed suit)? Too sympathetic. Ventura was facing an almost insurmountable uphill battle in an already tricky area of the law.

Once the trial actually began, however, the truth began to emerge. For instance, Kyle, who sat for a lengthy video deposition prior to his death, was inconsistent in his story…”

You can read the original story in its entirety here.

Nobody cares about your stick figure family 2
Nobody cares about your stick figure family.

One might well argue our preoccupation with the Ventura-Kyle-Defamation Suit of 2014 is a monumental waste of our time and attention. Hell, we’ve now written two articles about it in one day ourselves! There are some other things that might be worthy of attention. Remember, there’s a defacto war going on between Russia and Ukraine, our boys and girls are still getting shot at overseas and there are a couple of significant, ongoing brawls going on in the Middle East and apparently there’s another Sharknado on the way. It’s almost like we don’t have our priorities straight.

We’re still secretly hoping Ventura will just stand up like a man and say, “I’ve been exonerated – I don’t want want the money.” Why? Because, fuck, we really liked Blain Cooper and we want that back.


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3 thoughts on “Justice for Jesse – a counter-argument FOR Ventura

  • August 1, 2014 at 3:18 am

    Just for the record, AJ Delgado is a woman.

    • August 4, 2014 at 3:28 pm

      Yeah – THAT’S an embarrassing typo. Though it doesn’t change the point.

  • July 31, 2014 at 6:02 pm

    Actually, (and I agree with you about the rest) I believe Jesse should use the money to help promote veteran health care issues and proper VA management across the nation. It was a disturbed, untreated veteran who killed Kyle, and it was just bad shit all around. Maybe Jesse should realize that Kyle had some demons of his own, and speak out on behalf of everyone hurt by this whole mess; including attacking the way our fearless leaders treat all of us when we attempt to get help from the system.


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