JTT: Shooting Through Glass with Kyle Lamb


Just The Tip: Shooting Through Glass with Kyle Lamb

Craig Metzger

Some times you can find yourself trapped in the rabbit hole of tactics discussions on the range or in forums, private BookFace groups and blog articles. You can never have too much information and it’s up to you to decide what works for your line of work or daily life.

In this video, SGM Kyle Lamb (USA, Ret) of Viking Tactics discusses shooting through glass. There are a few variables to consider when having to confront threats on the other side of a windshield. Besides the video, I asked Kyle a few questions to further explain the topic.

 1.  What are three myths with regard to shooting through glass?

 1. One of the greatest myths when shooting around vehicles is that cars are poor cover. Smell the coffee; if it is the only piece of concealment you have near you, use it. 2. The front glass is extremely hard to shoot through effectively unless you use a bonded or solid bullet that doesn’t have a jacket that can be ripped from the bullet. Hornady GMX and Barnes TSX are examples of superb glass shooting projectiles. 3. “P”for plenty, when shooting through glass you must engage until the threat is neutralized.

 2.  What should one consider when addressing a threat at the opposite end (eliminating the threat that is in the car)?

When shooting into a vehicle, shoot until the desired effect is attained. Remember your offset since you will more than likely be close and bullets ricochet easily from glass and sheet metal.

 3.  Training around and with vehicles has mostly been reserved to military and LEO’s. Do you see a benefit for the responsible citizen who carries every day to seek out training in this area?

Citizens who carry guns for personal and family protection should all train in and around vehicles. That being said, military and LEO’s do not get the training they truly need. There are very few police academies that have their new officers shoot in and around cars, but they all get special training on not hurting people’s feelings. Law Enforcement leaders need to step up and lead, it is what our young officers need. What are some critical areas the student should focus on? Shooting and moving and knowing how to use points of cover on their own vehicles.



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About the Author: Craig Metzger is some sort of evil creative genius who enjoys everything from Billabong to Zev Tech. He’s one of those dudes who mountain bikes, hikes and snowboards with the same enthusiasm he has for spending time on the range, offroading in Moab and attending Renaissance Fairs. He’s definitely our first minion so far to have a subscription to Thrasher magazine. Kyle Lamb (the Viking Tactics Kyle Lamb) really does call him the Tactical Hippie, that’s a true story. Although we cannot confirm rumors that he played the role of Everett in Delta Farce, we can advise you to check out his work on his website or on his blog.

2 thoughts on “JTT: Shooting Through Glass with Kyle Lamb

  • October 19, 2016 at 6:15 pm

    Nice video.

    If those creating it read comment, please reduce the “background ” music/etc. when one can bearly hear the primary speaker over other added effects, those effects are to loud.

  • October 18, 2016 at 11:24 am

    Kyle is a smart dude and I listen to him but the Medic in me is forced to remind everyone that some of that dust floating around in the car is glass frag. When training INSIDE the vehicle shooting out, you need to be wearing at least a painters mask. Glass particles and lungs = bad…


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