Independence Day Just the Tip: Don’t Be An A$$hat

| July 4, 2017
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We’ll skip the preamble here and just get right to it. It’s Independence Day. Don’t be an asshat. We saw it on Memorial Day, we’ll see it again on Labor Day, it will no doubt happen again on the one that happens on 11-11. You know what we mean, and we’re betting you’ve seen examples of it — the folks who just cannot overlook an opportunity to complain, castigate, or demonstrate their superiority.

People are looking for a reason to be outraged, and when better to express that outrage than on a national holiday?

It’s not the Fourth of July, it’s Independence Day! Stop calling it the Fourth of July!

Our Founding Fathers were white privileged terrorist insurgents!

The intelligentsia, cognoscenti, and academics don’t get it, they’re out of touch!

All those uneducated blue collar everymen don’t get it, they couldn’t possibly understand!

The United States is still an oppressive hegemony!

Fireworks trigger my PTSD! The neighbor kids shot off Roman candles and I got Ebola!

Nobody knows about the Lee Resolution!

You can’t enjoy Memorial Day National Pancake Day Independence Day, veterans died for your right to be free!

American Exceptionalism isn’t true, we did a bad thing once!

I’m nervous and my socks are too loose!

Today, let’s give it a rest. Let’s relax and enjoy America’s recognized birthday, maybe remembering it’s the very fact that we live here that allows us the liberty of complaining about it. Then let’s help our friends, family, and neighbors do the same thing. There will be time enough for vituperation, demagoguery, and impassioned debates about whatever we should feel guilty for tomorrow.

Grunts: vituperation.

Enjoy your Independence Day! Now, here are some specials for you to be aware of.

Because capitalism, bitches! 

Oh, and yes we’re aware of the irony this post presents.

American Defense MFG: Use code “1776” for 10% off their entire website.


Armalite is running an all-Summer sale.


GEMTECH is offering 20% off everything, store-wide. Definitely time to get a can!


KE Arms: now through July 9th buy a black DMR Trigger and get an A2 Drop In Lower Parts Kit free.


Leupold Optics limited edition American Eagle apparel.


Propper says, “Save a 4th on the 4th”; 25% off site wide thru July 4th with promo code J417.


And now, one of our favorite songs ever. You’re welcome.


Mad Duo, Breach-Bang& CLEAR!

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    Who doesn’t like CPT Liberty.


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