Hydrination Season Gets Serious: MDFI in May and June

TL;DR – Show Me Class Dates and Locations

MDFI (an acronym entirely different than MILF) is now well into its training season, and you know what that mean — it means you gotta hydrinate. If you’re pissing dark yellow, or you keep over on the range from heat stroke, well — you’re a dumbass. If you’re pushing rounds left or right of your intended target, or not quite managing the recoil appropriately, well — that’s okay. You can seek training.

Know who conducts training? MDFI (the distinctly non-MILFish Michigan Defensive Firearms Institute).

MDFI is owned and operated by Erik “Trek” Utrecht, a veteran and FLETC-trained investigator who thankfully instructs far better than he sings contralto a capella or abides by certain legal statutes.

Grunts: contralto.

Much better. Trek’s a great instructor, and you’d do well to train with his crew.

They have a number of courses available, including their Whole Person Concept series, their Core Courses (which includes You Suck, It’s Not the Gun!), Foundation Courses, several Advanced Courses, and Specialty Courses. They also partner up with other training organizations to bring other classes in to MDFI alumni and new students alike. You can find a complete rundown of their classes right here. Oh, and pay attention to the navigation bar, they have scholarships available as well.

Although it might sound counter-intuitive, what with the whole M in the beginning of their name, they actually teach in numerous locations in several states. You can find that complete rundown right here. You’ll have to hit each location to check the calendar, but we’re working on that.

If you’re just too damn lazy to do that, however, we’ll give you a quick overview of MDFI in May:

May 5 Long Gun Cover and Movement, Port Huron, MI

May 6 Foundation Shotgun, Battle Creek MI

May 7 When Things Go Bad, Battle Creek MI

May 8 You suck! It’s Not the Gun!, Port Huron, MI

May 12 Low Light Handgun, Albion MI

May 13 Low Light Long Gun, Albion MI

May 19 Carbine Basics, Grand Rapids MI

May 20 Foundation Carbine, Grand Rapids, MI

May 21 Long Gun Cover and Movement, Grand Rapids, MI

May 22 Spicyface for a Good Cause (charity fundraiser less lethal course), Grand Rapids, MI

June 9, Foundation Handgun, Port Huron, MI

June 10 Handgun Cover and Movement, Port Huron, MI SOLD OUT

June 11 You Suck! It’s Not the Gun!, Port Huron, MI SOLD OUT

June 12 Foundation Shotgun, Port Huron, MI

June 17 Foundation Carbine, Battle Creek, MI

June 18 Long Gun Cover and Movement, Battle Creek, MI

June 24 You Suck! It’s Not the Gun!, Grand Rapids, MI

June 25, Foundation Shotgun, Grand Rapids, MI

There aren’t any MDFI courses scheduled in Indiana, Ohio, or Texas in May as of this writing.

If you’re interested, Trek has appeared on the pages of CONCEALMENT Magazine, RECOIL, and of course for Breach-Bang-Clear.

Trek’s online bazaar/flea market/oddities collection, Made in Trexico is well worth checking out as well.

You can follow MDFI on Facebook here, and/or stalk them on Instagram here (@michigantrainer).


Mad Duo, Breach-Bang& CLEAR!

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