HoTac….if only we were good enough

We have attended a number of different really good schools. Went to a course taught by Jim Cirillo (may he sit at the right hand of God), attended a lecture by Dave Grossman, Caliber Press Officer Survival, LAPD Advanced SWAT, all three levels of Combat Tracking from Scott-Donelan Tracking School, the USMC Combat Hunter course, JRTC Ft. Polk (where we learned Leesville is a lot like Mos Eisley), a training iteration with NYPD's ESU, a linear assault course with the FBI's HRT, BorTac's tracking course…you get the point. We've been to some cool places, and thus far have deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, Ireland and Australia (and New Jersey, which was the worst place) with members of every service but the Navy.

You know where we want to go though, what we really want to attend? The HoTac School For People Who Want to Shoot Good. We love the staff and enjoy spending time with them.

Plus the main instructor has a series of great tattoos on his mighty thews.



Swingin' Dick

Richard "Swingin' Dick" Kilgore is half of the most storied celebrity action figure team in the world (and the half that doesn't prefer BBWs). He believes in American Exceptionalism, America, holding the door for any woman (lady or whore) and the idea that you should be held accountable for what comes out of your fucking mouth. Swingin' Dick has been a warrior gyrovague for many years now and is, apparently, impossible to kill -- he once had a complete body transplant after an IED hit the gun truck in which he was riding. True story, one of the Cav guys mailed his head and arm home. Swingin' Dick comes from a long line of soldiers and LEOs (his Great Uncle commanded an Air Cav battalion in Vietnam and his many times removed great grandfather was one of the few original Burt Mossman era Arizona Rangers). Swingin' Dick detests Joy Behar and Chris Matthews almost as much as he enjoys traveling the world to crush crime vice and evil. He believes the opportunity to lead eeeelight team of Breach Bang Clear minions is the most improbably awesome thing an action figure has ever done and he's immensely proud of his perfect hair. Loyalty and respect should start from the top down.

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