For Classic Style, Consider an Homage Watch

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Personal style is important to the distinguished man, and accessories add the final details to his outfit. Probably the most important accessory that a man chooses is his watch. Some men are able to sport a classic luxury watch, but for those who don’t quite have $3,000 to spend, there are homage watches. The six watches featured at The Art of Manliness range from $60-$200, offering classic luxury style without breaking the bank.

“Instead of buying a knock-off of an original luxury watch, consider picking up an ‘homage’ to it. An homage watch is one made by another company that takes design inspiration from a classic wristwatch. They’re not exact replicas of the originals (so you avoid the issue of wearing a counterfeit watch), but they look pretty dang similar and evoke the same classic style cues.”

Homeage Watch, gear, watch, Homeage

 “…many watch aficionados that own an expensive classic luxury wristwatch will often also have an homage version of it to use as a ‘beater watch’ — a timepiece you wear on a daily basis or when you’re doing things that might result in it getting knocked around. They’ll only bust out their original classic for important events.”

Homeage Watch, gear, watch, Homeage

Homage watches look similar to and display the same classic style as luxury watches, but they’re accessible alternatives for the man who wants a good-looking watch that tells time.

If you like watches (which we most assuredly do), you should go right now and read the astonishingly awesome feature post, Six Reasons You Should Wear a Watch.


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