Henry Rifle X1 – For the Modern Gus McRae

 “Mister, you ever seen what a Henry rifle can do in the hands of somebody who knows how to use it?” Malachai Johnson

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Earlier this year the Henry Repeating Arms company auctioned off it’s one millionth .22 lever action in support of the Hunting Heritage Trust of the NSSF. Judging by the response from social media, they may have topped that.

What you see above is the Henry X1 Concept. It’s one of a one-off series of concept rifles representing Henry’s contemporary interpretation of the quintessential American Rifle. The X1 was built to “…emphasize the modularity of the Henry lever action platform.”

Henry Rifle Henry X1

How does the phrase go? Shut up and take my money

The X1 is based Henry’s steel 45-70 model. It features all-weather stocks, Midwest Industries MLOK handguard, and a Leupold Optics red dot.

Says Henry,

“Brush gun, truck gun, or big game getter, the Henry lever action platform is up to the task.”

Then they ask if they should it, to which I say, “Is a pig’s ass pork?” I wouldn’t mind a threaded barrel option, either. After all, shooting quietly is just polite.

This is a great way to show off that recently released handguard for the 45-70 (which has a 5-slot MLOK Pic rail).

Henry Rifle - MLOK Handguard

PS I don’t care about the loading gate issue. I’m not a purist, which is why I don’t mind the mocked up Winchester 1866 used in Silverado. I’m just glad they had ’em in the movie (especially Ezra’s).

Leupold Optics are also available at Quantico Tactical,  on Amazon, and on BDU.

Henry Rifle (@henry_rifle) is online at Henry USA.

Henry Rifle Henry X1

Are you at NRAAM 2018 in Dallas? Go see Henry Rifles yourself. They’re at booth 8251.

Henry Rifle boot - NRA Annual Meeting 2018

We’ll close with a few words from one of my favorite Henry rifle – totin’ lawmen ever.

Besides a whiskey, I think we will require a little respect. . . . If you care to turn around, you will see what we looked like when we was younger and the people around her wanted to make us senators. What we didn’t put up with back then was dawdlin’ service, and as you can see, we still don’t put up with it.

Ain’t much of a crime, whackin’ a surly bartender.”

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