Slim Announces the Mad Duo "Hog Board"

Well folks, summer is here and we all know what that brings—heat, time at the lake or beach, more heat, hot chicks (for me), fat chicks (for Swingin’ Dick), maybe a little humidity and oh yeah more heat. With this in mind yours truly, Jake “Slim”, have embarked on a summer project. I have decided to build a “Hog Board” for the Mad Duo and Breach Bang Clear.

Now, there is no need to put a link up to for the grunts to explain a Hog Board, especially Marine grunts. They should all know what a Hog Board is. If you’re not privy to that sort of sling though, let me explain—during USMC boot camp the DIs put up a board where all the pictures of wives, girlfriends, etc. go for all the platoon to see. Mine was up on the side of the whiskey locker when I was there; they may put ‘em in different places nowadays, or I guess it could change from platoon to platoon.

Now, don’t get your panties all in a wad thinking we’re going overboard with some NSFW stuff here, we aren’t (though we should – which is why we’re looking at doing a GUNBLR page). We’re changing the rules up on this one. This will be our “business” Hog Board. Dig it.

It’s mostly for when we do giveaways and contests, which we’re about to kick into high gear for the summer. We may also do it for reviews too. Anyway giveaways are coming very soon and we’ve been doing reviews. In the future we’ll use our Hog Board to lay out the gear for the pictures. If you’re a business owner (especially a veteran-owned or veteran-supporting business) then you ought to send us a sticker or decal. This is a good shot at some free advertisement space. We’ve been averaging over a hundred thousand unique visits on Breach-Bang-Clear every month lately (that’s 100K, can you believe that shit?) so we’re developing a pretty good reach (though that isn’t surprising given how awesome we are).

If you’re interested, send us an e-mail at BreachBangClear(at), or a PM on Facebook. Right now we’ve got a few on there and—being the Mad Duo—we want to just over-freakin’-do it. That Hog Board needs to be covered with companies we approve of.

Besides, it’s me. You know me. I’m a habitual line-stepper, what can I say? Swingin’ Dick may be a hard man but he’s no Slim Call! Plus he’s disorganized as a bag of fuck, but that’s a whole different story.

Anyway, now that I have your attention I’ll let the cat out of the bag and let you know that by the end of this week we will be running our first giveaway. You’ll have to put some work into it to win (no different than using a wank sock) but it will be worth it. We’ll drop more clues as we get closer. Stay tuned!

Slim Call, Breach-Bang-CLEAR!

Jake "Slim" Call

Jake "Slim" Call is one of the two most famous action figures in the world. Contrary to what Swingin' Dick says, he does not like fat chicks. Slim has been a part of Breach-Bang-Clear since about '05, and since then has traveled around the world spreading awesomeness, fighting evil and putting single dancing moms through college. Slim hates hippies, sissies and when the MRE Tabasco leaks into the toilet paper and dries there but you don't realize it until its too late. Together with his comrade Richard "Swingin' Dick Kilgore" Slim manages and directs an eeeelight blogging team of writers that thinks you can be a warrior and a patriot and still be amenable to civil discourse. Incorrigibility breeds contempt.

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