Heckler & Koch VP-70, "Vintage PDW"

H&K VP-70 Kristof Nagy Breach Bang Clear 1

We’re not exactly fervent members of the H&K corporate fan club(their attitude is galling, to say the least, and they’re borderline adversarial) but they sure make some good guns. Today we’re sharing an article about the HK VP-70, the “Vintage PDW”, by Kristof Nagy.

The first time I saw the VP-70 I mistook it for a blown up HK P9, with a different trigger guard. A closer inspection of the firearm revealed some unique improvements over its famous smaller brother. The VP-70 seems to be ahead of its time with well thought out ergonomics. There is just one simple crossblock safety that is well placed behind the trigger and the deep finger groves make the grip very comfortable and secure despite the lack of texturing on the surface. By gripping the pistol one will instantly realize that the weight of the VP-70 is definitely not on the light side at 820g unloaded. But think again. This is a firearm that was designed in the late 1960s and compared to the steel framed pistols of its time it is pretty lightweight. The reason for the extra weight is revealed on closer inspection. The VP-70 is a blowback design that has no mechanical locking of the breech. It relies on the weight of the slide and the strength of the recoil spring to delay the opening of the breech until the projectile has left the barrel. This is nothing exotic in itself since the Walther PPK or the Makarov pistols work the same way, but you will not see this very often in a fullsize 9x19mm service pistol that is for sure!

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H&K VP-70 Kristof Nagy Breach Bang Clear 2

f you’re interested (and we hope you are) you can read the whole article over on Guns & Tactics (there are lots of pretty pictures for you knuckledraggers too).

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