What have you done today to improve yourself?

Someone somewhere is training to harm you or take something from you. Are you training to respond? This is the last article on SA/Blue Collar OODA Loop/Every Day Ready for the week (never fear there will be more to follow, though on Monday we’ll resume our regular more varied mix). It’s by guest writer Jared Ross of Rockwell Tactical, who asks a very valid question.  Mad Duo

What have you done today to improve yourself?

Jared Ross

As I was walking out of my home recently, getting ready to go teach a Pistol 201 class, I took one last look at my kids.  I was struck by what I saw.  It was early morning; the kids—all six of them (that’s right, I’m a Breeder, and proud of it) were still in their PJs and all captivated by the TV. What were they watching?  What were they learning? All of them, including the 2 year-old, were watching Mythbusters and were learning how to up-armor a car using phonebooks.  My first thought was, “Wow, nothing that cool was on when I was a kid.”  

My next thought was, “If my 2 year-old is learning how to do that, what are the real world threats that are in our own backyards learning?”  

Criminals and other threats are getting more sophisticated.  They are constantly evolving and improving techniques and equipment.  If my kids know how to up-armor a car, is it a stretch to think that more threats will wear body armor?  Is it a stretch to think that threats are doing their own training?  I had already known this was true, but that morning as I looked at my kids, the reality of it hit me like a lightning bolt.  

It is a well-known fact that gangs and other organizations have sent members into the military to learn and improve the overall abilities of their groups.  Some of them are probably reading this right now.  That’s why it’s important to live in the real world and not treat life like it’s a video game.  

What have you done today to improve yourself?

That day, the students didn’t know it, but they got a little more for their money than the last class. We covered the same material as the last.  The difference was that I approached the class with an increased intensity and drive to ensure they understood what was being taught.  Because, as I told that class (and every class), there is a real chance that your threat is wearing body armor.  That’s why, as examples, for this drill we are shooting center of mass and then head, or for that drill we are shooting center of mass then pelvic girdle.  Train realistically—as the world truly is, not as you wish it would be.  

In real life there are no cheat codes or spawning points.

So I ask the question again, what have you done today to improve yourself?  There are always things you can work on.  Remember the lesson I learned that morning: if my 2 year-old now knows how to armor a car, what does your threat know, and what is he doing with that knowledge?


About the author:

an style=”font-size: 15px; font-family: Calibri; color: rgb(0, 0, 0); background-color: transparent; vertical-align: baseline; white-space: pre-wrap;”>Jared Ross has spent about a decade as an 18B Green Beret Weapons Sergeant. A former 82nd ABN 11 Bravo, he has done multiple combat tours in Iraq, Afghanistan and assorted other shitholes. He spent several years with one of the active duty SFGs, is now with one of the reserve SFGs. Jared is a well rounded soldier and an inspired, methodical and instructor. His company is called Rockwell Tactical Group, a training organization based in Pennsylvania; everything they teach is predicated on a warrior mindset, whether students are responsible armed citizens, military, LEOs or PMSCs. They teach students of every race, age and gender, striving to ensure they prevail not only over the assailant, but fear and panic as well. You will be seeing more of him on Breach-Bang-Clear. If you’re interested in training with Jared and his crew, check them out at Rockwell Tactical Group.

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