Gunbattle in Greenville – 2 Bounty Hunters & 1 Suspect Dead

“To the living we owe respect, but to the dead we owe only the truth.” – Voltaire

Two men the media are identifying as “bounty hunters” apparently braced an armed suspect inside a Nissan dealership two days ago. The men, probably licensed PIs or security guards under Texas law, went into the Greenville business at around 19h00L, approached the suspect with handcuffs and guns out. A scuffle ensued, and then…

We’re not saying you’ll see either of ’em nekkid if you click the pic. We’re just sayin’.

Well, you can see for yourself in the video below.

Some twenty shots were fired at bad breath distance over the course of about six seconds.

Yes, there are at least two other people in that glass-walled little office where they confronted him. Yes, those are kids you can hear screaming in the background once the shooting starts.

There are so many things wrong in this video, I’m not sure where to start. That the three men involved are the only ones currently laying at room temperature is a Good Thing, but surprising.

Witnesses allege Gabriel Bernal, 33, and Fidel Garcia, 54 (the PIs, or security officers, or whatever they were) identified themselves as Federal agents. Texas-based news station CBS19 says the man they were after, Ramon Michael Hutchinson, has an outstanding warrant for failure to appear on a 1st degree drug charge in Minneapolis.

According to Section 38.10 of the Texas penal code, no one can attempt to secure a bail bond surety offense (i.e., take into “custody”) unless that person is:

1. a peace officer; or

2. an individual licensed as a private investigator or the manager or a licensed investigations company; or

3. a commissioned security officer employed by a licensed guard company.

According to common sense and good tactics, no one should attempt to snatch up a potentially armed anyone in a location like this unless there’s already an imminent threat.

Why anyone would make an “arrest attempt” (I’m not sure exactly how the word arrest has been interpreted by Texas courts) like this is beyond me. Hopefully some good can come from this video, and this event, as an object lesson in how not to do a lot of things.

Are private security agencies and other for-hire armed services susceptible to failure to train lawsuits? If not, they should be.

That’s it for now. Go forth and conquer.


As a footwear option, these things really kinda suck.

Mad Duo, Breach-Bang& CLEAR!

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5 thoughts on “Gunbattle in Greenville – 2 Bounty Hunters & 1 Suspect Dead

  • June 2, 2017 at 10:04 pm

    Ah, I misread the article. He was on a first degree drug charge. I still wouldn’t have attempted such a thing in a public place. When we pick people up, we bring plenty of guys to mitigate the possibility of it spiraling out of control.

  • June 2, 2017 at 12:35 pm

    I’m a bail enforcer in Oklahoma. We are licensed and trained. We go over the top on training. Well some of us do. Others don’t want to spend the money for good training. They would rather take a cheap handcuffing class. I myself have been through the Alice first responder to an active shooting. Also solo officer response to an active shooting. And many others. Training is everything. Now this shooting could have been avoided. 3 men could be still alive today. The pay on this case was 5000.00. It was a 50 K bond, what the problem is with this case. They drove a very long way. The 5000.00 they were going to make clouded their minds. They were not thinking about public Safety. I myself would have called local police. Had them stand by till the Subject left the dealership. At least got into his car. Then had all units block the car in. Then they would have cover to force the subject out of the car, and on to the ground. At least they would have been away from employees, and customers. This was done wrong. The one Fidel Garcia was a licensed PI. The other was not licensed at all. And both bounty hunters had body armor, but it was left in the car. Bad choice when making a felony arrest. I do not care if it’s 100 degrees outside. My vest and carrier with rifle plates are on for every arrest. My life is worth more to me than some pay check. 5000.00 will not bring them back. I doubt if stew peters send the money to the family. He was the one who hired them to make this arrest. Well anyway always wear your body armor. And be safe out there to all police and private bail recovery people. Watch your 6. If you have to draw down don’t think pull the bang button. I think they waited in hopes of getting the gun away from him.

    Prayers to the two bail recovery that lost their lives. And also to the family.

    • June 2, 2017 at 1:41 pm

      No one can say for sure what they would have done. In the heat of the moment your making choices. Good and bad. It could have been any one of us on this case.

      • June 2, 2017 at 10:01 pm

        Yeah, I can say for sure. I wouldn’t be attempting the arrest of a violent felon in a public place, without armor, and with only one other guy.

        These guys put a lot of lives at risk for money, not justice. BBC is dead on… this was a cluster.

        As an LEO, I wouldn’t be taking orders from any bail enforcer. I appreciate what they do, but I wouldn’t assist on the apprehension of a violent felon without more information, people, and a plan.


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