Vehicle Pursuit and Firefight in Paktika

If this gunner had been using a double barrel shotgun (maybe after first attending the Biden Institue for Tactical Edumacation), there would never have been any problems at all. They’d have killed those muj at least a half a klick out and never even raised their heartbeat.

A couple other things we wonder about, not to be too terribly critical…did they test fire that Ma Deuce before rolling out, and if not then why? If so, why didn’t it function? Was it the gun’s head space and timing or the gunner’s head space and timing?

Also wondering why they didn’t start shooting until they were so close…unless maybe they had sharp scimitar blades on that vehicle, like a war chariot and just wanted to run the poor bastard over? Most of those rifles and M249s have almost as much killing power as a double barrel, and the .50 can reach out at least 50m effectively. Pretty sure.

Which brings us to the next point – what do we need to do to get all cav units, indeed all units rolling outside the wire, to equip their vehicles like scythed chariots?

Tell you what. It’s a good fucking thing the Muj, Irhabists and assorted other assholes don’t have double barrel shotguns and a balcony to shoot from or the Coalition. Would. Be. Fucked.


You’re gonna want to skip in to about 6:00 or you’ll get bored.








From now on we want all Strykers and Up-Armoreds equipped like this if deployed. Make it happen CENTCOM.



Mad Duo, Breach-Bang-CLEAR!


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