A Good Summer for SIG So Far

SIG SAUER is having a great Summer. Just a couple weeks ago the North Dakota Highway Patrol selected the SIG P320 in 9mm for their sworn troopers (replacing the SIG P226 in .357 SIG), then the Loudon County Sheriff’s Office, headquartered in Leesburg, VA, selected the same weapon for their agency.

Quick LEO trivia – the LCSO has been around since 1757. That’s even older than our Associate Editor, Chris Hernandez.

On top of all that Team SIG member Lena Miculek (of the House Miculek, long may they shoot) earned multiple top finished at the inaugural International Practical Shooting Confederation Rifle World Shoot. Held in Patriot Park in Moscow, the Rifle World Shoot had nearly 600 computers from 40 countries doing battle over 30 stages.

Why it wasn’t all over the national news we don’t know, but then most of the mainstream media here is stopped. Miculek, who was fighting through an illness while competing, claimed 1st place in the Ladies Open Division and also conquered the Ladies Open shutoff.

Said Miculek,

“For the action shooting sports community, this is our Olympics. I was lucky to make the Ladies Open Team alongside Ashley Rheuark, Maggie Reese and my mother Kay Miculek. Through crazy weather and intense competition, the Ladies Open Team came out on top!”

Miculek was using a SIGM400 Predator with SIG Elite Performance ammo when she reached her goal of placing in the top 20 overall in the world — oh and by the way she beat her old man, Jerry Miculek, too.

Lena Miculek, crushing it in Russia for the United States, earning 1st place trophies and five gold medals.


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